Alleged leak with release month, price and more

of Karsten Scholz
On 4chan, a supposed insider has released possible details about the new Playstation 5 from Sony. In the leak we find supposed information about the release month, the price, the games and the built-in features. According to the information, the official unveiling of Sony awaits us on February 5, 2020 in the Sony Hall in New York City. At the latest that day we know whether we are dealing with a real leak.

Those responsible at Sony only reveal their information about Playstation 5 in homeopathic doses. For example, we know for sure that the <a href = "" title = "new Sony console "Holiday 2020""target =" _ blank ">new Sony console "Holiday 2020" should come into the trade, furthermore we now know the <a href = " "title ="official logo of the PS5"target =" _ blank ">official logo of the PS5, In addition, there are still many question marks, for example regarding the release month, the price or the launch games.

If it's after a supposed insider on 4chan goes (via, we don't have to wait long for an official information bomb. The latter claims that those responsible at Sony will hold a PS5 launch event at Sony Hall in New York City on February 5, 2020. We have summarized all further information of the supposed leak below:

  • The new design of the console and the PS5 gamepad will be shown at the event. There are also specific details about the hardware, we see the user interface and the main menu and learn which games should appear exclusively on the console.
  • Important keywords of the event are "short to no loading times", incredibly fast downloads "," immersive control "," modular installation of games "," built-in drive "and" downloading or streaming games ".
  • PS5 slogan: "It's time to play."
  • There should only be one version of the Playstation 5 at the launch in October 2020. This is said to cost 449 euros ($ 499).
  • Playstation Now is expected to play an even bigger role on PS5. For a limited time, Sony wants to offer a PS5 bundle with a 3-month PS-Now subscription in selected regions.
  • Remote play is also said to be a big topic to stream games from the PS5 to smartphones, tablets, laptops or the PC.
  • Backward compatibility with all PS4 games should be possible, just as you should be able to transfer your saves. Backward compatibility should also include PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3.
  • The use of the dual shock 4 controller, the PSVR and other PS4 accessories should be possible on the PS5.
  • Gran Turismo 7, MLB The Show 21, Demon Souls Remastered, Godfall and Legendz (a new IP from SIE Santa Monica Studio) are said to be among the launch titles.
  • The hardware of the PS5 is said to be about as strong as the Xbox Series X (which costs $ 100 more).
  • The preorder phase should start after the event.

This supposed leak thus contradicts at least at the release date the also supposed inside information, which was published in November by two sources. The Insiders PSErebus and LetsGoDigital claimed at the timeThe console will be released on November 20 and will cost $ 499, as everyone agrees. Incidentally, the 4chan leak is already wrong on a point not previously mentioned: <a href = " at-der-e3-ab-1341020 / "title =" Sony will not be returning to E3 this year"target =" _ blank "> Sony will not be returning to E3 this year – The company managers announced recently. What do you think of the other points of the supposed leak?

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