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Sony PS5 has an SSD with 825 GB. But how much of it can you really use for games? A leak shows how much space you supposedly have available.

The Playstation 5 is equipped with a very fast SSD with a storage capacity of 825 GB. This is effectively the 768 GiB that you can really use. But here, of course, the space that is reserved for the console's operating system has to be deducted.

Think carefully about which games you will play on your PS5 want to install

According to a leak, the operating system should take up 104 GiB of space, leaving you 664 GiB for games in the end. In comparison: The Xbox Series X has an SSD with 1 TB of storage, which is effectively 930 GiB. The operating system requires 128 GiB, which leaves 802 GiB.

With the ever-increasing game sizes – especially titles in the Call of Duty series, that could get tight quickly. The Demons's Souls Remake also takes up around 66 GB of space, with Spider-Man: Miles Morales in the Ultimate Edition it is even 105 GB. So you have to think carefully about which games you want to install on the PS5. The SSD could fill up very quickly. Of course, you don't have to install your entire game library on the PS5 right away to have a few titles ready, but it's always good for variety.

How exactly you the memory of the PS5 (buy now ) can expand is not yet clear. Because the SSD of the PS5 is a very special model and significantly faster than conventional SSDs on the market. That makes it a little difficult to connect external hard drives. These must meet certain Sony specifications. When it comes to upgrading the storage capacity, according to Sony you should be able to simply install an M2 SSD. But as already mentioned, this SSD then has to meet certain requirements, which Sony is yet to announce.

Source: Resetera

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