Allegedly first screenshots of the sci-fi RPG appeared

from Andreas Bertits
Screenshots have surfaced online allegedly showing Bethesda's sci-fi RPG Starfield. However, the pictures should be quite old.

Bethesda announced the sci-fi RPG at E3 2018 Starfield on. But only with a rendering trailer in which we see a space station. Since then, the RPG has been quiet. Now screenshots have appeared which seem to show Starfield.

Is the starfield?

In one of the pictures we see an astronaut complete with a space suit standing in front of a station or a spaceship. Apart from the fact that the entire background is missing, the display in the lower left center of the image is interesting. Because there you can see that in the game we obviously have to make sure that we don't run out of oxygen. This could mean some survival elements for the RPG.

The second picture shows a spaceship. This gives the impression of being composed of different modules. Does that mean that we can modify our ship and change it using modules? In addition, the ship seems to have already been through one or two battles. So space battles could also play a role. How these then work is still the big question.

Whether these pictures really come from Starfield (buy now ) originate cannot be said. However, a symbol can be seen on the astronaut's spacesuit that also appears in the first official trailer of the role-playing game. This could be an indication that it is real material from Starfield.

It should be noted, however, that the screenshots supposedly come from a version of the RPG that is around two years old. Starfield should look a little different now. When we can finally count on tangible information about the game is not clear. But Pete Hines of Bethesda indicated that the time will not come until 2021.

Players would at least like to know whether Starfield will appear exclusively for Xbox Series X / S and PC after the purchase of Bethesda by Microsoft, or whether PS5 owners will also benefit.

Source: PCGamer

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