According to a new one Windows Central report Mojang is currently working on at least two new Minecraft titles. The author Jez Corden is referring to anonymous sources and the social media accounts of Minecraft, which have been teasing something new lately:

“One thing I know for sure: There is more Minecraft to come (buy now 21.89 €). I know from trusted sources that Mojang has at least two brand new projects that are not Minecraft or Minecraft Dungeons. However, I have no idea what exactly these games might look like. Maybe we’ll find that these pixel art posts were actually teasers for real projects … or they weren’t. One can hope, however. “

A week ago he shared For example, Minecraft’s Instagram channel has a short pixel art video, which could indicate a 2D adaptation of the survival game. It is definitely not difficult to imagine that further offshoots of the Minecraft series will appear in the future, after all, the popular title has now become a real franchise. For example, friends of action RPGs can play Minecraft Dungeons, which is now also available on Steam. There is also Minecraft Story Mode and the discontinued Minecraft Earth.

Minecraft is still one of the biggest games in the world and the community continues to keep the game alive through various game modes, mods, and the like. For example, a player would like to recreate the entire Star Wars galaxy in the title. The committed community is unlikely to complain about more games in the Minecraft universe.

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