Alleria and Vol'jin can look so real

from Tanja Adov
The idea of ​​implementing the World of Warcraft in a modern graphic style is not new. After all, we have already seen many iconic areas from Azeroth in Unreal Engine 4. But two artists are now taking realism to the extreme with their work. Lee GH and Jaehyun Kim show us how real Alleria Windrunner and Vol'jin could look in a World of Warcraft 2.

Since the release of World of Warcraft, there have been plenty of examples online of what the popular MMORPG could look like with modern graphics. The developers themselves had agreed on a rather hardware-friendly but coherent comic style many years ago and had focused on other aspects such as balancing, the design of the instances and game mechanics. The success of World of Warcraft proved Blizzard right, but the stale look of WoW was increasingly bad for some players. The old and simple character models, which over time no longer matched the detailed surroundings of new zones, caused the biggest break.

With Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor, WoW made a big, graphic leap forward and optically adapted at least in part to the MMO competition. However, there was still no question of ultra-realistic graphics; after all, despite the technical progress, the developers remain true to the comic style. But no matter whether you like this design style or not: There are a lot of artists and WoW fans out there who illustrate with their work what would be possible today, at least in terms of technology. For example, in recent years some artists have shown us how the areas of WoW in Unreal Engine 4 could look like.

The 3D artist Lee GH and Jaehyun Kim go one step further and optically upgrade the models of WoW celebrities like Alleria Windläufer and Vol'jin. Lee's and Jaehun's figures look so detailed that one could simply consider them real. Even the souped up graphic style of Black Desert can't keep up with this extraordinary work. Here is a small preview and in the video below you can look over the shoulder of artist Lee GH while working on Alleria!

How do you like the Alleria and Vol'jin models? Would you be World of Warcraft (buy now for € 35.99) want to play with this graphic style? Or do you like the comic style of WoW better? Write to us!

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