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In the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion Shadowlands, we're making deals with the Kyrians, Venthyr, Nachtfae, and Nekrolords, but they're unlikely to become playable allies. So what happens to new allied peoples? Here are a few considerations.

The allied races, introduced with World of Warcraft Legion and continued in Battle for Azeroth, are very popular with gamers, and for developers they are a great feature to encourage them to create second characters and replay old content. When WoW Shadowlands appears, the main game and the expansions released so far will be fundamentally restructured as part of the level squish. The new maximum level is 60, with the last 10 levels reserved for the areas of the Shadowlands. Levels 1 to 10 will be the level area for the starting areas and all expansions with the exception of Shadowlands will be scaled with their content to levels 10 to 50. When a character reaches level 10, dragon lady Chromie asks which expansion he wants to play in. This gives you the chance to simply play through an expansion with its coherent story.

With regard to potential allied peoples, this approach seems to open up new opportunities. While the Legion and Battle for Azeroth Allies have always been part of the storyline, which will be unlocked by reputation and quests during the course of the story, it looks as if the "alignment" of all previous expansions means that future potential allies can be easily recruited in the same way. If one decides – in keeping with the clash between Sylvanas and Bolvar – for the adventures in Nordend, one could, for example, the quests and the call for the "Winter Tauren" a.k.a. Take Taunka along and unlock it as a playable people. The developers decide which people can be played from which expansion either based on the story of the current expansion or simply by popularity surveys. What would you think of such a concept?

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