Alluded to Marvel's Avengers: Fan service with real money shop

After the great success on the cinema screen, the Avengers are now also conquering the home consoles. We have already played the beta of Marvel's Avengers and tell you what the superheroes could still fail.

Marvel's Avengers

Everyone loves the Avengers, right? In the official video game Marvel's Avengers, of course, the superhero troop fell out of favor after the entire San Francisco was destroyed on Avengers Day. Of course, the malicious technology company A.I.M. behind the catastrophe, but only very few want to believe that.

Avengers Reassamble

One person who hasn't lost her belief in the Avengers is Kamala Khan. Although the young woman has not yet been seen in the successful adaptation of the cinema, comic fans have known the elastic heroine, who will later be known as Ms. Marvel, for years.

Together with Dr. Bruce "The Hulk“Banner sets off on Kamala to drum up the scattered Avengers again and help the villains of A.I.M. to put the craft.

Simple missions, simple loot

Together, the duo of Kamala and Banner make an old helicarrier afloat, which serves as the basis for all upcoming missions. These missions, which we have been able to play in beta so far, followed almost exclusively the scheme F. Run to the mission goal, beat up villains, loot boxes, go to the next waypoint, beat again and you're done.

A little more variety are offered by the story missions, which deal with the fates of the individual Avengers, sometimes offer a boss fight and, unlike the regular missions, are not over after five minutes.

The focus on loot is also not very original. Those who complete missions or loot crates are rewarded with all kinds of equipment that increases the values ​​of your Avengers. Regardless of whether your heroes fight against low-level opponents with poor equipment or with legendary items against high-ranking villains, it makes almost no difference. Both feel practically the same. At least in beta, therefore, the loot system does not seem to serve a higher purpose except "every AAA game these days needs a loot system". Of course, a real money shop full of skins shouldn't be missing either.

Button mashing for beginners, counterattacks and combos for professionals

The level-ups and the combat system itself are significantly more sophisticated. Each member of the Avengers has proven standard actions such as light attack, heavy attack, long-range attack, block, parry and several special attacks that need to be charged beforehand. At low levels of difficulty, you can also have fun with pure button mashing, but at the latest at the highest of the four levels of difficulty, precise timing is required to avoid enemy attacks, prepare your own special attacks and start effective counterattacks.

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As in any good spanking game, each character can also perform various combos, which must first be unlocked. This is where the level system comes into play, because with every level upgrade you also get skill points that you can either invest in improved values, for example a faster recharge of your special attacks, or in completely new combos. Unlike the attached loot system, the level system lets you feel a clear difference between new and high-level heroes.

Marvel's Avengers doesn't deserve a prize for originality, and so far has offered nothing more than the least in terms of mission design and loot, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with the game. After all, swinging Thor's hammer, flying over the battlefield as an Iron Man or hitting himself in Hulk's green skin is exactly what film and comic fans have wanted for years.

However, it will only become clear on September 4, 2020 whether this fan service alone can motivate beyond the beta period. Then Marvel's Avengers will appear for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Google Stadia.

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