"Almost no loading times" thanks to PS5, release period known

In a new video, Game Director Mathijs de Jonge introduces us more from Horizon Forbidden West. He brings us closer to the world and its creatures and also reveals the release period of the PS5 game.

Horizon: Forbidden West

The post-apocalypse from Horizon Zero Dawn is back, heroine Aloy explores the sequel Horizon Forbidden West even larger area and meets many creatures that were not seen in the first part. The card is supposed to extend from the US state of Utah to the Pacific, in between are Nevada and California.

Fortunately, the fast trip through three states is said to be thanks to the PS5 "Almost without loading times"take place. Game Director Mathijs de Jonge promises this in a new video:

According to de Jonge, players are allowed to on dozens of new creatures happy, like the turtles Shell snapper, the Sunwings, which are reminiscent of pterosaurs and named the mammoth mechanical engineering Tremor Tusk. Not only the “animal world” offers innovations on the forbidden journey to the west, Aloy also encounters other tribes. Some of them are friendly, while others pose a risk.

Especially one of the new tribes is very dangerous. You have found a way Overwrite machines and use them in combat. But this aggressive tribe is not the worst threat. A red putrefaction destroys plants and animals and people are starving. There are also extreme weather events in the form of extremely strong storms.

Until you can find out these secrets, you have to wait a little longer. Horizon Forbidden West appears in 2021 exclusively for the PS5.

Original message from June 12, 2020:

Horizon Zero Dawn 2: announcement trailer shows how beautiful the game is

We already knew that the successor to Horizon Zero Dawn was going to be released, and that the developers wanted to top it off graphically. Obviously, they also succeeded, as the announcement trailer for Horizon Forbidden West proves.

As part of the "Future of Gaming" event, not only the PlayStation 5 was demonstrated, but games that fans can look forward to were also presented. A highlight of this is Horizon Forbidden West, the continuation of the first game.

In Horizon Forbidden West you can certainly take very pretty pictures.

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Horizon Zero Dawn: The most beautiful pictures of the photo mode

A fantastic world with many dangers

Horizon Forbidden West continues Aloy's story. It moves west to distant America to defy a majestic but dangerous world, where it has to face awesome machines and mysterious new threats.

The announcement trailer shows fantastic worlds, misery and suffering, but also magical moments of the game. An exact release date is not yet known. We'll keep you up to date.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lq594XmpPBg (/ embed)

What do you say about the trailer? Did you imagine the sequel to be like this, or would you prefer to leave it at the first game? As always, write us your opinion in the comments.

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