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With a surprising mega-update in New World, the developers of the Amazon MMORPG are providing Alpha-Tester with lots of new content and improvements. We introduce you to the most important features of the March update.

While the recent postponement of New World is a damper for many fans and interested parties, there is also reason to be happy: With a new alpha update, the developers have integrated a lot of improvements, new content and even an additional region. The latter is an area that should surprise many players. Because aesthetically, it looks almost like another game. The Ebenscale Reach is shaped by Asian influences, both in terms of opponents and architecture.

Promotional images for the new Ebonscale Reach region in New World. (Source: Amazon Game Studios)

But apart from this visually interesting corner of Aeternum, we don't want to withhold the highlights of the update from you!

New World Alpha: The highlights of the March 2021 update

  • New region: Ebonscale Reach ("Even", intended for players from level 51) is characterized by "common wetlands, magnificent waterfalls and magnificent buildings", which, like WoW: Mists of Pandaria and Guild Wars: Factions, are based on Asian myths and culture. The cursed army of an empress and her ancient dynasty, but also exotic animals such as tigers, await you as opponents.
  • Instance with two bosses: The Garden of Genesis is a kind of mini-dungeon, in which you will face two bosses as a group.
  • New endgame PvP mode: Outpost rush lets teams of 20 players compete against each other.
  • Experience points reorganized: While leveling from levels 8 to 60 is now a little faster, you will receive less experience from opponents who are 10 to 19 levels below you.
  • Revised crafting & loot: Guns are more likely to have attributes that are relevant to them thanks to better drop logic. Equippable items are bound to a player when equiped or picked up and can no longer be sold. This ensures that equipped items are taken from the in-game economy and that demand remains high. When making new equipment, you can now also select new modifiers that you get from quests, loot boxes or enemy drops. These modifiers ensure that self-made items with a high rank can get certain strong attribute bonuses.
  • Inventory overview 2.0: The New World user interface (buy now € 39.99 ) equipment management has been revised. There are now new features such as equipment weight sorting, dynamic layout and full character view. The best thing to do is to take a look at the screenshot from the developer:

The new inventory interface in New World

The new inventory interface in New World

Source: Amazon Game Studios

You can find the full overview of the patch in German on the New World website.

Does Ebonscale Reach give New World too much of the Asian grinder look or does the visual variety of the fictional world Aeternum do quite well? Write us your thoughts in the comments!

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