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While others are still exploring WoW Shadowlands or are not yet level 60, some groups have already started the successes of the Mythic dungeons.

Some WoW players are still on their way to level 60 in WoW Shadowlands, others may go to the first NHC dungeons and some have already hammered the item level of 155 together to register for heroic dungeons via the tool. Ambitious players tried their hand at mythical dungeons with their Ny'alotha gear.

Everyone has their own pace in the Shadowlands, but for a fraction of the community even the most difficult dungeon mode is not enough. Some groups have already completed the mythical dungeon achievements and the achievement Glory of the Hero of the Shadowlands won. For the total of 24 tasks that you have to complete for this achievement, you receive the mount Greedy eater. The group consisted of Dirtyb Tichondrius (Restoration Druid), Taterpuff's tichondrius (Beast Mastery Hunter), Leechtits tichondrius (Vengeance Demon Hunters), Aeglour Stormreaver (Lawlessness villain) and Dartoes Stormreaver (Beast Mastery Hunter).

WoW: 3 days after Relese - fame of the hero of the Shadowlands mastered (2)

WoW: 3 days after Relese – fame of the hero of the Shadowlands mastered (2)


The race for this particular achievement was relatively close, as was the record from demonstrate. Another group was only a good six hours slower. According to the troupe, these successes were the trickiest:

  • KaalschlagMission: Defeat General Kaal in Bloody Depths on Mythic difficulty while the Smash! is active.
  • Slimy ride: Defeat all bosses in a single visit to Plague Rush on Mythic Difficulty while the Plague Rush effect is active.
  • Residues of evilMission: Defeat Executioner Tarvold in Bloody Depths on Mythic Difficulty after killing 8 Desolate prisoners with the Debris effect.
  • ExSPEERteMission: Defeat Devos, Paragon of Doubt, in the Peaks of Ascent on Mythic Difficulty after striking them with five Spears of Duty.


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