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As part of the annual report for 2019, those responsible at Disney published the first figures for the streaming platform Disney + launched last year. Although the launch of the platform is still pending in many countries, over 28 million film and series enthusiasts are said to have already subscribed.

At the November 12, 2019 is the streaming platform Disney + started in the US, Canada and the Netherlands, and if it is after Annual report for 2019 goes, the launch and the following weeks and months were very successful for Disney. By February 3, 2020, 28.6 million film and series enthusiasts should have already subscribed. For comparison: The big competitor Netflix came close in the fourth quarter of 2019 170 million paying customers,

Of course, Disney can't keep up with that. Nevertheless, the numbers are remarkable shortly after the launch. And in March, the number of Disney + subscribers is likely to increase significantly again. With us in Germany, but also in France, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Austria, Ireland and Switzerland Disney + from March 24, 2020 start, a week earlier than originally planned. The price should be 6.99 euros per month or 69.99 euros per year.

CEO Bob Iger was very satisfied with the conference call for the annual report and said that the growth "even exceeded our highest expectationsDisney’s revenue is $ 20.9 billion, one third higher than a year earlier. However, net earnings from October through December declined 23 percent compared to 2018 results.

That the streaming platform was able to achieve such good results from day 1 is partly due to the comparatively low price, but also due to the offer from more than 600 feature films and series. Above all, content that belongs to the Disney media group is available. In addition to adventures by Mickey Mouse and Co., this also includes series and films from the Marvel and Star Wars universes. National Geographic documentation is also part of the portfolio. Disney Plus also offers access to Simpsons seasons, as well as other 20th Century Fox TV series and films. There are also exclusive productions such as The Mandalorian, WandaVision or The Falcon and Winter Soldierthat only appear on Disney Plus.

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Now Disney + should appear here in Germany on March 24th!