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Netflix is ​​not going to extend Altered Carbon for another season. Accordingly, the viewership should not have spoken for further episodes of the sci-fi series. In February, the second season with Anthony Mackie was released. An anime film called Altered Carbon: Resleeved followed a month later.

Altered Carbon fans are unlikely to get a third season of the sci-fi series. According to a recent report from Deadline, Netflix has decided to end the show. The second season of Altered Carbon was most recently released in February. The cast here included Anthony Mackie, who is also known as an actor in the MCU. In March followed Altered Carbon: Resleeved then another anime film.

Netflix's decision is said to have been made in April. Accordingly, Altered Carbon does not seem to have achieved the minimum number of viewers that would justify the cost of another season. The coronavirus pandemic supposedly has nothing to do with the end of the sci-fi series. Most recently, The Society and I Am Not OK With This were retired from Netflix due to pandemic reasons.

Altered Carbon: First trailer for the Blade Runner-like series

Altered Carbon was based on the 2002 novel by Richard K. Morgan. While Joel Kinnaman was seen in the role of Takeshi in season 1, Anthony Mackie was then in front of the camera as the protagonist in season 2. A few days ago, Netflix gave a small preview of the program for September.

For example, there will be a little sci-fi replenishment on September 4th with the first season of Away. The list with all series and films for September can be found in our message. For a few days, a documentary about the "golden age" of video games can be found on Netflix with High Score.

Source: Deadline

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