With hundreds of user reviews, Amazon doesn’t always make it easy for its customers to determine how many of these reviews come from real and satisfied people and how many were created by programmed bots to better present a product.

The Fakespot app was supposed to remedy this because it is supposed to screen out fake reviews. Apple users can no longer rely on the help of the app. Amazon asked the apple company to remove the app from the app store and got the request granted.

Amazon fears for the data of its customers

The shopping giant justified the request to Apple with a reference to the security of user data. Since Fakespot “slips” itself over the Amazon interface without permission, one is concerned that the customer’s data could theoretically be stolen. Across from The Verge Amazon said that Fakespot injects code into the website, opening points of attack and exposing user data (email, addresses, credit card information and browser history) to potential dangers.

But Amazon also admits that they don’t know whether Fakespot really uses this information. Amazon continues to justify the request in a statement: “The app in question provides misleading information about our sellers and their products to our customers, harms our sellers’ businesses and creates potential security loopholes. We are grateful for Apple’s investigation into whether the app violates the Appstore guidelines.”

Fakespot founder Saoud Khalifah sees the situation differently

The Verge Saoud Khalifah, founder of Fakespot, said Amazon expressed its desire to remove the app in mid-June. He was frustrated with the situation: “We invested months of resources, time and money in the app. Apple didn’t even give us a chance to solve the problem.” According to Khalifah, Apple removed the app without an explanation, which the apple company denies.

In a statement, Apple said: “There was an intellectual property dispute filed by Amazon on June 8th and within a few hours we ensured that both parties were in contact and explained the problem to the app developer and the steps to be taken to resolve the issue App is allowed to stay in the store and gave enough time to comply. We contacted Fakespot again on June 29, weeks before the app was removed from the store. “

Word against word

Khalifa then admitted that while Apple spoke on June 29 that the app might need to be removed from the store, he denied that any other help was being provided. “I’m shocked that Apple sided with Amazon with no evidence whatsoever.” He sees the problem with Amazon: “Amazon is ready to harass small companies like ours because we are showing the cracks in their business.”

Amazon, on the other hand, claims companies that look for fake reviews are subject to regular audits. Fakespot’s quota is almost always wrong: “We have regularly reviewed products where Fakespot rated user reviews as untrustworthy and Fakespot’s predictions were 80% wrong. They just don’t have the information we have – such as reviewer, seller, and product history – to verify the authenticity of the review to check.”

Despite Amazon’s statement, there are huge amounts of false reviews on the side of the shopping giant. Fakespot founder Saoud Khalifah does not want to give in so easily and is reviewing his legal options. The app is in the Google Play Store still available.

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