After the studio flirted with Apple and Netflix a year ago, MGM has now been bought by Amazon for $ 8.45 billion. After purchasing Whole Foods in 2017 for over 13 billion at the time, the deal marks the second largest acquisition in the history of the global corporation.

James Bond 007: No Time to Die – The new trailer before the cinema release is here

Amazon now owns the rights to the Rocky franchise, the Hobbit trilogy, the Addams Family series, the 21 Jump Street films and of course the valuable James Bond franchise. MGM’s value was estimated at around $ 10 billion in 2020. This value is so low in comparison because MGM already sold the rights to its films due to financial difficulties and was only able to get some works back in 1999 through a million-dollar deal with Warner Bros.

It has not yet been decided that the next offshoot of the agent series will be available exclusively in the stream on Amazon Prime. In addition to MGM, the broccoli family-run company Eon Productions also has a say in terms of the brand, in particular with regard to the publication model. So it is very likely that we will still see James Bond on the big screen this year. Especially since the losses generated by the repeated postponement of the film could be compensated for by a theatrical release rather than by an exclusive premium stream or additional subscriber numbers.

In the TV sector, Amazon now holds the rights to Fargo and The Handmaid’s Tale as well as the cult science fiction series Stargate.

Swell: Variety, LA Times

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