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Amazon will publish the list of "free" games at Prime Gaming in December 2020. In the new month, members of a Prime subscription will receive additional games that they can keep and play permanently. This includes the full version of Battlefield 3, which is available "free" from Prime Gaming via Origin. In addition to Battlefield 3 via Origin, popular titles like Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan are still available until December 11th. There are also more than 20 arcade classics from SNK, including Fatal Fury Special, Samurai Shodown 2 and Metal Slug 2.

New games for December 2020 at Prime Gaming include Turmoil, Sigma Theory: Global Cold War, HyperDot, Close to the Sun and Wizard of Legend. This means that Prime members have secured 38 games in the current month – valued at around 500 euros, according to Amazon. There are also additional in-game rewards for selected games. One of the highlights is Immortal's Fenyx Rising: Prime subscribers receive the Frozen Pack with helmet, outfit, wings and horse. Watch Dogs Legion players, on the other hand, get the nerdcore and futurist outfit. For Rainbow Six Siege you get the Thatcher Gladiator Full Operator Set.

Also available in December from Prime Gaming: the two pilot helmets Bold Approach and Vibrant Focus for Star Wars Squadrons. In the coming months there will be more drops for the action game. The December update is rounded off with additional content for games like Roblox, Valorant, Madden NFL 21, Epic Seven and Last Day on Earth. You can find an overview of the new content on the Prime Gaming website. All Prime members have access. Annual membership costs 69 euros.

Prime Gaming: "Free" games and content in December 2020

Now – Battlefield 3 download via Origin
From now on – Free games with Prime – Turmoil, Sigma Theory: Global Cold War, HyperDot, Close to the Sun, Wizard of Legend
As of now – League of Legends Drop 3
Now – Legends of Runeterra Drop 2
Now – content for RuneScape and Old School Runescape
From now on – Valorant Drop 3
From now on – Smite Drop 3
From now on – Last Day on Earth Drop 14
Now – MLB Tap Sports Baseball Drop 10
Now – Big Farm Mobile Harvest Drop 13
From now on – Paladins Drop 3
Coming soon – content for Immortals Fenyx Rising
Coming soon – Star Wars: Squadrons Drop 1
Coming soon – Watch Dogs: Legion content
Coming soon – content for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
December 2nd – Epic Seven Drop 10
December 2 – Legends of Runeterra Drop 2
December 2 – MLB Tap Sports Baseball Drop 11
December 3 – Last Day on Earth Drop 15
December 3 – League of Legends Drop 4
December 8 – Black Desert Mobile Drop 4
December 9 – MLB Tap Sports Baseball Drop December 12
December 9 – Yahtzee with Buddies Drop 12
December 10th – Last Day on Earth Drop 16
December 11th – Roblox Drop 5
December 11th – Last chance to claim: Victor Vran, Smoke and Sacrifice, Lethis – Path of Progress, Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan
December 14th – Big Farm Mobile Harvest Drop December 14th
December 14 – Madden NFL 21 Drop 3
December 16 – Epic Seven Drop 11
December 22nd – Black Desert Mobile Drop 5
December 23 – Yahtzee with Buddies Drop 13
December 30th – Epic Seven Drop 12

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