Amazon Game Studios still owe players a game that will last a long time on the market and is also successful. The shooter Crucible has since been taken offline. The MOBA Breakaway never saw the light of day and the MMORPG New World is in an extensive revision phase based on feedback from alpha testers.

Amazon is pumping a lot of money into game development, but where are the results?

According to a report by Bloomberg, Amazon spends half a billion US dollars a year in the games department – with the exception of Twitch and the cloud gaming service Luna. However, a real hit is still missing. According to Bloomberg, this is due to Mike Frazzini, the head of the games division, who allegedly has no experience in gaming. He is said to base his decisions on statistics instead of listening to his gaming staff, which consists of such well-known figures as former head of Sony Online Entertainments John Smedley and Far Cry 2 director Clint Hocking. In addition, there should be work with the Lumberyard engine, which raises many problems but has to be used. The working conditions are also criticized. For example, women should not have the same opportunities as male colleagues.

With New World, the company has to prove that it can make good games. The release of the MMORPG is planned for this spring. New World has developed from a PvP-focused survival MMORPG to a PvE game, which, according to previous testers, lacks the content of really interesting quests. The team is working flat out to iron out the criticism and later that year release an MMORPG that gamers and streamers alike will enjoy on Twitch. Hopefully this will also work out. The MMORPG Lost Ark is also planned for this year. However, Amazon is only a publisher for the American and European markets. The game is being developed by the South Korean studio Smilegate. Farther away on the horizon is another MMORPG for The Lord of the Rings, about which nothing is yet known. So Amazon has ambitious goals when it comes to video games, but there is still no proof that the company can achieve these goals.

Source: Bloomberg

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