The year 2021 could be as interesting as it is exciting, especially in the gaming industry. Because should on the current Report by journalist Brad Sams to be true to it, several large corporations are preparing one or the other takeover. First and foremost, Sams, who was often right in the past, especially on Microsoft issues, names companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft. He couldn't or wouldn't say who they are targeting in their takeover plans.

"It's difficult to foresee which company will be taken over and by which buyers … but I can tell you there are some big names in the industry that Microsoft has approached, among others. Then there is Amazon and Google . "

According to Sams, Sony Interactive Entertainment belongs to the group of companies that are playing with takeover thoughts. That would coincide with Sony's statements of the recent past. Electronic Arts is also on the lookout for suitable developer studios for potential takeovers – as was recently seen in the Codemasters deal. However, it is primarily Amazon, Google and Microsoft that would be particularly aggressive with this strategy.

Microsoft in particular recently showed that they are consistently pursuing their expansion course. This was shown not least by the takeover of ZeniMax Media and, at the same time, Bethesda. The next few months should therefore be pretty exciting. For example, recently there were reports for the first time that even the cyberpunk developer CD Projekt RED could be a takeover candidate. As soon as there are specific details in this regard, you will of course find them immediately in our news section.

Source: YouTube

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