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Amazon lowers prices for important accessories

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For Prime Day 2020, Samsung and SanDisk reduced their microSD card prices on Amazon by up to 30 percent – a good opportunity to expand the limited memory on the Nintendo Switch (Lite). GIGA shows you the best offers.

Already knew? As a digital version, “Zelda: Breath of the Wild” occupies around 13 GB of storage space on the switch – with 32 GB of total storage space on the console, not much remains. Fortunately, this shortcoming can be easily remedied. Whether for Nintendo Switch – or for smartphones, tablets and digital cameras: microSD cards can be used to expand storage space cheaply. Here are the best offers for Prime Day 2020, exclusively for Prime members.

microSD cards on Amazon Prime Day 2020: SanDisk Ultra

The SanDisk Ultra microSD cards are suitable for the most tasks:

These microSD memory cards have:

  • U1 / V10 = minimum write speed of 10 MB / s
  • UHS-1 = maximum write speed of 104 MB / s

In the video we take a look at the microSD card "SanDisk Ultra" with 400 GB:

microSD cards on Amazon: SanDisk Extreme – faster

who fast Needs write speeds, about for 4K recordings, buys microSD cards from the Extreme range:

These microSD memory cards have:

  • U3 / V30 = Minimum writing speed of 30 MB / s
  • UHS-1 = maximum write speed of 104 MB / s

microSD cards at Amazon: Samsung EVO Select – fast and cheap

According to the manufacturer, Samsung microSD cards from the "EVO Select" series are just as fast as the SanDisk Extreme series, but cheaper:

These microSD memory cards also have:

  • U3 / V30 = Minimum writing speed of 30 MB / s
  • UHS-1 = maximum write speed of 104 MB / s

Also interesting:Nintendo Switch (Lite): Which microSD card is the best?

The best Bargains on Prime Day at Amazon in the overview:

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