Amazon postpones release of MMORPG again

Amazons New World is considered by some MMORPG fans as great hope for a new, western online role-playing game. Therefore, quite a few are expecting the release, which should have taken place on August 25th. But as the developers explain, it takes a little longer.

There is a lack of content

The short-term postponement of the release date to spring 2021 comes after the game should actually have started in May. As can be heard from alpha testers, there are still a few problems, especially the lack of content. The team now wants to develop this to New World (buy now for € 38.99) to make it an extensive and fun MMORPG.

"I am proud of the hard work that the team has done to bring the game to market with the features we had planned to release," said studio director Rich Lawrence in the announcement. "We also have a list of features that we wanted to start working on once we were in live development as it is part of the operation of an MMO.

It continues: "When we looked at the feedback we've received from our alpha testers over the past few months, we found that players like the game and want to see more of it. In particular, we want to make sure that the most committed players Gathering plenty of experience in the mid- and endgame on your way through Aeternum, we want our players to feel completely immersed in the game and to know that our studio stands for quality and durable gameplay that you can trust – and that means extra time "to get things where we want them to be before they are fully published."

Amazon's New World was actually designed as a PvP-focused survival MMO. But the tests at the time showed that players wanted more PvE content. Within about half a year, the concept of the game was revised and the main focus changed to PvE. Apparently that was not enough time to develop enough content to keep the players busy in the long term.

Therefore, New World will only appear in spring 2021.

Source: VG247

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