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The developers of New World, the MMO from the games company Amazon Game Studios, have announced that the release has been postponed again – for the third time. August 31, 2021 is now targeted for the release. The dates for the closed beta have shifted accordingly.

The developers of New World have announced that the release of the online role-playing game has been postponed again to an alternative world of discovery in the 17th century. The most recent target was a date in May 2021, but the implementation of the endgame feedback, which the designers at Amazon Game Studios received from the players as part of a playtest last August 2020, will take a little more time – around three months . The new release of New World should now take place on August 31, 2021. The closed beta phase is also shifted back accordingly. "We will use the extra time to incorporate these substantial improvements and to further optimize and polish the whole game before we open the gates of Aeternum to the whole world," they write Developers in their update from February 16, 2021.

The alpha phase, which has been running for months, will continue unhindered and will be expanded with EU servers from March 30, 2021. The closed beta, however, is now expected to start on July 20, 2021. During the phase, all New World pre-orderers can test new areas and features, such as the Ebonscale Reach zone, in which an exiled empress assembles a fleet of depraved. Expeditions are new to the game, which are instanced dungeons for five players. The makers of New World also promise (buy now € 39.99 ) the outpost rush, a fight between 20 players in a pristine river area in which you fight for fortresses and resources.

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