The MMORPG New World has been postponed several times since the alpha in summer 2019. Player feedback has resulted in the whole concept of online RPG being overturned. Instead of PvP, the focus is now on PvE. The scenario was also changed. Doing all of this correctly will probably take more time than originally planned.

We have to wait a little longer for New World

As Amazon explains, the release of New World takes place (buy now € 39.99 ) will not take place in spring 2021. In a press release it says: "Today we announced that New World would be released on August 31, 2021 instead of spring. We didn't make this decision easy, but we need the time to add new features and to update the game After all, we want to deliver a high-quality, polished gaming experience. With the new release date, the closed beta will begin on July 20th. "

The closed beta will offer some new content. This includes the area of ​​Ebonscale Reach, where an exiled empress is assembling a fleet of depraved that could threaten the whole world. Also new are the expeditions, which represent instances for five players and present you with great challenges. The Outpost Rush features battles between 20 players in a river area. In addition, there should be other new features. If you want to take part in the closed beta, you can do so by pre-ordering New World. Until July 20th, the Alpha will take place beforehand, which will be expanded to include EU servers from March 30th.

So we have to wait a little longer on the adventure.

Source: press release

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