Game streaming services are a dime a dozen. Amazon would like to stand out with the Luna project, however, and may soon compete with Xbox.

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Amazon Luna: A collaboration with Ubisoft

Amazon provides its own and brand new game streaming service that comes very close to the concept of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Subscribers pay a monthly fee and get access to more than 100 games that can be displayed in 4K and with up to 60 fps. Initially, the price is $ 5.99 (probably 5.99 euros) per month.

The games offered can be played on Fire TV, PC and Mac, or via web applications on iOS. Android should follow shortly.

In order to be able to offer the subscribers a wide choice, the company works with studios such as Ubisoft and Remedy Entertainment – probably not a bad choice.

Amazon also offers numerous films and series.

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Luna: A competition for Xbox?

It's hard to predict how popular Amazon's new service will be, but the library selection already sounds promising. An official press release states that it will initially include games like Resident Evil 7, Control, Panzer Dragoon, A Plague Tale: Innocence and GRID. Luna also offers additional channels that can be subscribed to for a surcharge. This is where Ubisoft comes into play, for example, because the studio will also bring games such as Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Far Cry 6 or Immortals Fenyx Rising on board after the launch.

There is also a suitable controller

In addition, Amazon has presented a matching controller, the appearance of which is strongly reminiscent of the Switch Pro controller. This should connect directly to the cloud via Wi-Fito reduce the latency. It is not yet known when Luna and the controller will be available in Europe. So far, the service is still in the "Early Access" phase.

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