of Thilo Bayer
AMD used Computex 2021 to announce specific details and a start date for the “Fidelity FX Super Resolution” technology – there is a corresponding video. According to AMD, FSR uses “state-of-the-art, super-optimized upscaling technologies to increase the frame rate and offer a high-quality, high-resolution gaming experience without the need to upgrade to a new graphics card”.

This is what AMD says about FSR (Fidelity FX Super Resolution):

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution uses the latest upscaling technologies to increase the frame rate and provide a high quality, high definition gaming experience without the need for a new graphics card. Get up to 2.5X performance at 4K in FSR “Performance” mode in select games. Compatible with almost any graphics card, from the integrated to the ultra enthusiast graphics card. A state-of-the-art spatial upscaling algorithm delivers gaming experiences in almost native resolution with particularly high-quality edges and details.

“With FidelityFX Super Resolution, AMD has delivered another amazing, platform-independent feature that is easy for developers to implement and gives Godfall gamers better performance at higher resolutions with everything turned up, including ray tracing.” – Keith Lee, CEO of Counterplay Games

This year there are already over ten developer studios and game engines on board, which will offer AMD’s FSR. AMD also mentions “over a hundred GPUs and CPUs” that will support FSR. AMD’s variant of AI-supported upscaling should be of particular interest to notebooks and desktops with integrated graphics units, which are already able to cope with some current games in 1080p resolution. The Fidelity FX Super Resolution should be available on June 22nd and by then more details about the technology should be known, as announced in the briefing.

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