AMD Instinct MI200 ships

beginning of the month we reported on a new professional graphics card from AMD, the Instinct MI200. Now AMD has started shipping, as well as one in an article by wccftech. The AMD Instinct MI200 has several special features, some of which are only of interest to professional users, for example around machine learning. But one feature already gives an outlook on upcoming gamer graphics cards, namely multi-chip modules, or MCM for short. About it we have already informed you in our news about confirmed CPUs with Zen 4 and Radeon graphics cards with RDNA 3 for the year 2022. For the upcoming RDNA 3 architecture, MCM will be used for the first time in graphics cards – the GPU consists of several individual modules, which AMD had already introduced in CPUs with the first Ryzen generation. In the professional sector, MCM is now coming onto the market with the Instinct MI200 and its GPU (code name Aldebaran). Nvidia and Intel are also on board with MCM for graphics cards, but will probably not pick up speed in the professional or mainstream sector before 2022.

As for the AMD Instinct MI200’s Aldebaran GPU, it consists of two DIEs, each containing eight modules. There are 16 CU (Compute Units) per module, in total there are 8192 shader units per DIE, a total of 16384. Currently, the Nvidia GeForce RTX is the number of shader units that are important for 3D performance in games 3090 at the top when it comes to gamer graphics cards and has 10496 shader units. The video memory in particular shows that the AMD Instinct MI200 is a pure professional graphics card. Because there are four connected units per DIE, each with 16GB of the very fast HBM2e (HBM = High Bandwidth Memory), so that a total of 128GB HBM2e is achieved. Nothing is known about the price so far.

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