AMD Keynote from October 8th

On Thursday, AMD announced details of the new Ryzen 5000 CPUs in a keynote that lasted a little more than 20 minutes. We'll show you the most important information about the new CPUs and also explain what else you should know about the Ryzen 5000 CPUs. We also offer CPU purchase advice on current, recommended gaming processors, including tips on buying a suitable motherboard.

Zen 3 – Ryzen 5000

The new Zen 3 architecture is therefore in the starting blocks. Some people who only deal with desktop PCs wonder why the new AMD Ryzen CPUs are not the 4000 series, but already the 5000 series goes to the start.

Overview of the AMD Ryzen models 5600X, 5800X and 5900X from the Keynote video.

Overview of the AMD Ryzen models 5600X, 5800X and 5900X from the Keynote video.

Source: AMD Keynote video

Because the Ryzen CPUs currently available for purchase belong to the 3000 series with models such as the Ryzen 5 3600 or Ryzen 7 3700X. The reason for this is the fact that there have been numerous Ryzen 4000 CPUs in the notebook sector for a long time, as well as the two little-known desktop processors Ryzen 5 Pro 4650G and 4750G for the AM4 socket. However, all of these CPUs are still based on the Zen 2 architecture, so they are not brand new. AMD would like to clearly differentiate the new Zen 3 architecture from these technically no longer brand new 4000 models and therefore skips the 4000 names for the Ryzen desktop CPUs.

But which models has AMD announced now? There are a total of four new processors with Zen 3, all of which will be available in stores from November 5th. The four models have six to 16 cores and can manage 12 to 32 threads through SMT (two threads per core). In terms of price, the Ryzen 5 5600X starts at $ 299. But here is a brief overview of the first four Zen 3 models:

  • Ryzen 5 5600X – 6 cores (12 threads) with 3.7 to 4.6 GHz, 65 watt TDP, 299 dollars
  • Ryzen 7 5800X – 8 cores (16 threads) with 3.8 to 4.7 GHz, 105 watts TDP, 449 dollars
  • Ryzen 9 5900X – 12 cores (24 threads) with 3.7 to 4.8 GHz, 105 watts TDP, 549 dollars
  • Ryzen 9 5950X – 16 cores (32 threads) up to 4.9 GHz, 105 TDP, $ 799

For comparison: The Ryzen 5 3600X, which is particularly popular in terms of price-performance, cost 249 dollars when it was released. Compatible with the new processors are current Socket AM4 mainboards with 500 chipsets (A520, B550 and X570) and theoretically older mainboards as well, provided the manufacturer offers a corresponding BIOS update – At MSI, for example, this is the case for some models with a 400 chipset. Of course, AMD also provided initial information on performance during the keynote. AMD CEO Lisa Su particularly emphasized the suitability for gaming – that AMD is well positioned and committed here is also shown by the fact that the performance-relevant technology of the new game consoles Playstation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S comes from AMD and comes from Ryzen – as well as Radeon developments.

Comparison of the gaming performance of the top model Ryzen 9 5950X with the Ryzen 9 3950X

Comparison of the gaming performance of the top model Ryzen 9 5950X with the Ryzen 9 3950X

Source: AMD Keynote video

As an example of gaming performance, AMD showed comparisons between the Ryzen 9 5900X and the Ryzen 9 3950XT – the new CPU, with AMD showing several games as comparison values, is more than 20 percent ahead of the 3000 model. The Ryzen 5 5900X is also ahead of the Intel mainstream top model Core i9-10900K, although it is only a few percentage points and the Ryzen CPU, for example in Battlefield V, is also a little weaker than Intel's CPUs, which AMD in the presentation based on Graphics cards also showed under not swept under the rug. A trick in the construction of the new CPUs, which, according to AMD, should benefit the gaming performance, is the fact that the individual cores now have a shorter and more direct path to the cache, which can bring in a millisecond or two in the frame times of games. According to AMD, the IPC (commands per clock cycle) is 15 percent higher than with Zen 2. How the performance of the new Ryzen 5000 CPUs will look like will of course be clarified in another special that we will offer after the processor is released. But how is it currently? Which processor should you consider if you are currently putting together a new PC or want to upgrade your old PC? We will now clarify this in our purchase advice for CPUs, where we first want to give some general tips on CPUs and mainboards before we give you the current CPU purchase recommendations.

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