Ryzen 5000 – Zen 3 is here

The first four Ryzen CPUs with the new Zen 3 architecture have been available in stores since last week. The four processors of the Ryzen 5000 family are the Ryzen 5 5600X and Ryzen 7 5800X as well as the Ryzen 9 5900X and 5950X. At the moment, however, it looks quite empty on the retailer shelves – the processors were occasionally available from stock in the last few days, but are currently not available anywhere in Germany except for the Ryzen 7 5800X (an offer for 509 euros), at least according to the PC Games hardware price comparison as of November 9th, 12 noon. For this reason, the prices that we had observed in the last few days are also higher than immediately after the release,

First tests on Ryzen 5000

This could of course also be related to the good test results that are already available from specialist editors around the new CPUs. The following tests, including of course one of our colleagues at PC Games Hardware, are already available online:

In the background, we are already preparing a summarizing analysis that will include the aforementioned and other tests that we will discover in the next few days. In the special, we will also provide an overview of mainboards that are equipped with the two newer chipsets B550 and X570, which are particularly recommended for Zen 3.

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