Among Us is still very much on trend. No wonder that other developers are also trying to adopt the recipe for success. A brazen China clone is now storming the game charts and can thus serve a huge market.

Among Us

Werewolf Among Us: Clone hits the Chinese app store

Although the trending game Among Us appeared more than two years ago, The video game adaptation of the party classic Werwolf only recently achieved its big breakthrough. This has not escaped the notice of some resourceful developers in China. They now want to enrich themselves with the success of the game and have just thrown their own China clone onto the market. Shenzen Yuoliang Technology released a game called "Werewolf Among Us" in the Chinese App Store on October 28th, which has quickly become an absolute bestseller, such as South China Morning Post reported.

The China clone was downloaded 116,000 times by November 2nd and was even able to assert itself against the long-running Honor of Kings and Peacekeeper Elite and position yourself at the first place on the app charts. This success has given the game additional visibility, with Werewolf Among Us having been downloaded 478,000 times to date – the game has only been available for about a week.

A real late bloomer! Among Us has been available for two years but only became a bestseller a few weeks ago:

Among Us: Has the original game missed the boat?

The developer of the original Among Us is likely to have this message causing a headache, because an injunction is unlikely to be successful in China. In addition, Among Us is already playable in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean and Russian – However, the team has not yet taken care of a Chinese translation.

Fake products from China are not uncommon – there are always curiosities to discover:

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This is now taking its toll, because the Chinese market offers a huge number of potential players – free-to-play games in particular are very popular. However, this does not detract from the great success of Among Us. Even without the China version, the game is very popular both in the app stores and on Steam. However, it remains to be seen whether the hype will die down at some point or whether Among Us can establish itself as a long-running hit.

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