Actually is Among Us already published in summer 2018 for Windows, Android and iOS. And for a long time after the release, the game was mostly bobbing around, not really finding a large number of players or even fans. When Among Us was surprisingly announced for the Switch shortly before Christmas and appeared immediately, the joy was great and the response from the online world was huge. How could this happen?

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Crew vs. traitor

It's hardly the gameplay itself. Among Us is simple, not just technically and graphically. You play online or locally with a maximum of ten participants. There are three maps to choose from, you determine the rules yourself. Most of the players belong to the crew, one to three people are the so-called traitors. The crew wins if they either complete all tasks together or if they vote all traitors out of the spaceship; As part of each vote, all players communicate with each other in the game's internal chat.

The tasks are very simple activities in which you enter a numerical code, for example, or sometimes just press a controller button. As a traitor, on the other hand, you can manipulate the ship in order to pursue your task as undisturbed as possible: to kill the members of the crew. If you have done the entire crew and have not been kicked out of the spaceship in any vote, you win as a traitor. So far, so simple. But why is it so well received – also with us?

The game in the game

Among Us: Innovative Multiplayer Online Fun Reviewed - Is the Hype Justified? (6)

Among Us: Innovative Multiplayer Online Fun Reviewed – Is the Hype Justified? (6)

Source: PC Games

Basically, Among Us only forms the framework for the actual game, which consists of the chat interaction between the players. This discusses who the alleged traitor is, what clues there are as to what was seen; but also false accusations, denying one's own misdeeds and other linguistic and human manipulations take place here. Whether the traitor or traitors win in the end depends only in part on skillfully eliminating the crew. It is at least as important as a traitor to lure the members of the crew into the wrong track in the chat and successfully avert suspicion about oneself. The same applies to the success of the crew. The team wins once all the tasks are done, but that rarely happens. The much more frequent and faster way is via voting and chat. If the crew can track down the traitors, they win too.

Every player uses the chat. Often, other external tools such as Discord or Facetime are also used, especially when friends are playing together. This not only facilitates communication during voting and makes cumbersome typing on the virtual switch keyboard using the controller superfluous; it also adds another level of social interaction to the game, which is the core of Among Us anyway, rather than the game itself. A great and new concept even in normal times. In the age of pandemics and measures such as social distancing, however, Among Us develops an astonishing dynamic: The game brings people (virtually) together who have to be physically separated and even creates new friendships. Our "Innovation" award is therefore exactly in the right place at Among Us.

Game against loneliness

Among Us: Innovative Multiplayer Online Fun Reviewed - Is the Hype Justified? (4)

Among Us: Innovative Multiplayer Online Fun Reviewed – Is the Hype Justified? (4)

Source: PC Games

Particularly practical for playing together: Among Us is currently playable on Android, iOS and PC in addition to the Switch, and a version for Xbox will follow soon. Thanks to crossplay, players from all platforms can play together. That makes the game very accessible: almost everyone has a smartphone or tablet these days. On the other hand, the large number of players unfortunately also ensures that Among Us sometimes rage quits: someone suddenly leaves the current round because he or she feels unjustly accused in the chat during a vote, for example. This occasionally takes over and is annoying, as the flow of the game is at least disturbed or, in the worst case, destroyed.

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Typing in chat on the Switch with controller is cumbersome, but connecting a USB keyboard to the dock can help, but then you are limited to TV mode when playing and the Switch Lite does not offer this option at all due to the lack of dock support . Joining a fellow player's room using a code also turned out to be difficult at times, but at some point it always worked, sometimes after multiple attempts. But despite all these difficulties and problems, Among Us was able to convince us thanks to innovation and very fun social interaction while playing. In view of the low price of less than five euros in the eShop, the Innersloth title is a real recommendation right now, i.e. during the lockdown, not only to have a lot of fun playfully, but also to successfully overcome domestic solitude with the help of gaming escape. If that's not a good selling point.

My opinion

The real game is the interaction between the players – a great concept.

I don't know when I became such a “hype gamer”, but from Fortnite to Fall Guys to Among Us, I've played most of the popular games myself in the past two or three years, sometimes a lot intensive. Luckily! Because not only did I spend hundreds of great hours with Minecraft and Fortnite, I also enjoyed Among Us a lot! Arrange to meet friends, turn on Facetime on the iPad, start the Switch and let's go in Among Us for many entertaining hours with lots of laughter, fear and false and correct accusations in the numerous voting rounds. The tasks to be carried out as a crew are actually only accessories – the actual game takes place in the interaction with my colleagues. A great concept.

Innovative gameplay
Every round is different
Great for pandemic times
Simple and functional
Lots of games for little money
Chat on switch awkward
Frequent rage quits from other players
Partly difficult to join the room

Innovative multiplayer fun that fits perfectly into the current times.

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