Friday, July 30, 2021

An annoying mistake is finally history

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At regular intervals, Epic Games offers its users games for free download via its in-house store. But since the start of the free campaign there has been a bug that literally drove players to white heat – but this is finally history!

Free games in the Epic Games Store: Annoying bug has finally been fixed

In addition to Ubisoft, Activision, CD Projekt Red, Valve and EA, Epic Games also has its own online shop running with the Epic Games Store. This hit the headlines at the end of 2018 – because at the festive opening of the store, players were able to dust off numerous free games. This tradition still continues today: once a week, Epic Games brings out a new game for its users, completely free of charge.

But for many players, “picking up” the gift was sometimes difficult. A store bug often caused it to endless loading times in the online shop came. De facto, the page could not be displayed and the games could not be picked up by the users either. But this problem is finally over, as a new tweet from Epic Games shows:

According to the latest news the store bug should finally be fixed – many PC gamers should be relieved accordingly. Because if you were confronted with the bug shortly before the end of the respective free campaign, you sometimes got nothing.

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Jasmin Peukert26.03.2021

Competition for Steam: Epic Games has big plans

Compared to Steam, the range of functions in the Epic Games Store is currently still quite poor – but Epic Games has already announced that that one wants to equip the store with further features. In an official blog entry they statedthat in the future one wants to concentrate primarily on the social component of the launcher. Players are to have access to a completely new group system, and the search system for friends is being revised. Further changes are to be announced soon.

Looking for more free games? We have a few more games in store for you:

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