Image source: Epic Games

Fortnite is celebrating its birthday and to celebrate the day, you can look forward to rewards and a new emote.


Fornite: You are invited to the party

Do you like birthdays and cakes? Then you can work with Epic Games on the third birthday Celebrating Fortnite. In July 2017, the game was launched as the new Battle Royale title and has since developed into a worldwide cult game. Regular events and updates keep attracting new old and new players – time to celebrate.

The party goes until October 1, 2020 and entices with new challenges for which you will be properly rewarded. In addition, you already receive when logging in the emote "Knallerkuchen" as a thank you for your loyalty.

New content for the creative mode including competition

Epic Games brought a completely new set for the creative mode for the party: The princess lock set. Anyone who thought that is all is wrong, because Epic Games has a competition at the start. The description on the official blog states:

"Send in a great new creation that uses the princess castle set by October 6th – and maybe you will be featured in the first official building combat tournament as part of an upcoming" Mishmash Wednesday "tournament."

For nourish Information and rules a blog is available to you. You will receive future updates on Twitter.

How did you hear about Fortnite back then and when did you get into the game? How many birthdays have you already celebrated? Please write us in the Facebook comments.