An important unveiling is taking place tonight

Information about Sony's PlayStation 5 has been pretty scarce in the past few weeks, but Sony has now announced an event on Twitter that aims to provide deeper insights into the console.

Now that Microsoft has released more information about the upcoming Xbox Series X, Sony is following suit. The company recently announced on Twitter an event on. There should be first tangible information and deeper insights into the PlayStation 5.

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PS5: The date for further insights has been set

It will now be exciting for PlayStation fans. Today, March 18, 2020, Mark Cerny, responsible for the system architecture of the Sony console, would like to the inside of the PS5 reveal. In addition, he wants to talk about how you can design the games of the future.

You can find the event here in Germany from 5 p.m. live on the PlayStation blog follow.

What do you think about the new information about Xbox Series X? Coincidence that Sony is now following up with an event? Which console are you currently leaning towards? Let us know in the comments below.