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Kingdom Hearts 3: All tips and guides at a glance – We provide you with our game aids for the cuddly-colored adventure in a practical overview. If you start your adventure at Christmas time, we have tips for the locations of the badges of luck or the locations of the games for the classic kingdom. A beginner's guide also offers you a playing aid for the first few hours.

All tips & tricks for Kingdom Hearts 3 at a glance: The third part of the Kingdom Hearts series for PS4 and Xbox One was released at the beginning of the year. Just in time for Christmas, in this tips special we once again summarize all the adventure guides for you. In addition to locations for important items or the Ultima sword, you will also find a beginner's guide to the action role-playing game. Here you will find tips for the first few hours of play so that the start of the cuddly colorful adventure should not fail at all.

Prepare yourself well for the fights and above all use a strengthening beforehand! In Twilight Town you unlock the kitchen from Disney's Ratatouille. You prepare delicious food using a small mini-game. Before boss fights you increase some of your attributes over time. On top of that, you also unlock situation commands for your hero in Kingdom Hearts 3. All in all, the adventure does not pose any major challenges for role-playing fans. Nevertheless, you should use our tips in the different guides if the adventure is under your Christmas tree.

The following overview offers you all the guides, including helpful tips and tricks for Kingdom Hearts 3 (buy now for € 25.09) at a glance. If you have not yet decided to buy the role-playing game, please read our detailed review of Kingdom Hearts 3. It contains all the strengths and weaknesses of the game based on many impressions. At, the game scores over 80 percent on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. During the holidays, a trip to the fairytale world of the third branch is definitely worthwhile.

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