An overview of the important changes in the new alpha phase

At the beginning of September, some players were able to try out the alpha version of New World, we ourselves also gave you an insight in a preview. The feedback from people who were able to try Amazon's online role-playing game was rather mixed. Some aspects of the game still caused problems and generally didn't make it look so smooth. A new alpha phase has been active since October 20th. What has changed since the impressions from the beginning of September? Have the criticisms been resolved?

Are quests more rewarding in New World now?

Many players have complained that quests are hardly worth it and, above all, are a bit … dull. This problem is only half solved with the new patch: Killing monsters and delivery orders bring less XP than before, adventurers should instead use quests more to get the experience points they need to level up. These don't happen as quickly as before. To compensate, weapons do not need as many experience points anymore, so the level speed should remain the same for them. Apparently nothing has changed in the quality of the quests themselves.

Revised attribute distribution

Although the attribute system was not one of the players' major criticisms, the developers made adjustments. So far, there was an attribute point with every level up that could be put into intelligence or strength, for example. Now there are several such points to distribute as you level up, which should make the builds more varied.

Up until now, there was only one attribute point when leveling up in New World & nbsp; - now you get several. to distribute according to your own gusto.

When you level up in New World, there was previously only one attribute point – now you get several. To distribute according to your own gusto.

Source: Buffed

More tactics when fighting monsters in New World

A big problem when fighting the non-player opponents in New World (buy now € 38.99 ) was the lack of a threat system: it was never entirely clear who an enemy was attacking – they could suddenly focus on a new target for no apparent reason. But now there is a threat value for each individual player. This increases with damage, but should also increase in the future with other skills (healing is currently excluded, but will change for life staff users).

Lots of changes for weapons

The active combat system with positioning is one of the flagship features of New World and should be accordingly good. The developers have therefore pre-buttoned many critical points. The mighty ax is now weaker and should therefore no longer allow perma-stun. In addition, there are now separate cooldowns for all weapons, which means that you can first "use up" the skills of one weapon and then switch to the next, with which you can use other skills directly. This change of weapons has become faster with the patch.

The spear is finally available in the new alpha phase of New World.

The spear is finally available in the new alpha phase of New World.

Source: Amazon Game Studios

As a new addition, the spear provides more variety in the choice of weapons. This skill weapon causes stab damage, can cause status effects and can even be used as a throwing weapon.

Healing skills now also give experience for mastery. Before that was only possible through damage.

Source:, New World Patch Notes

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