Announced three years ago at E3, there has been little information about Bethesda’s new Starfield brand until now. At E3 2021, the makers around Todd Howard finally got to hear something from themselves again. Even if there was still no real gameplay to be seen, a short teaser trailer gave us a first glimpse into the possible atmosphere and optical design of the space role-playing game. We have taken a closer look at what can be seen in the short video for you.

Finally a new engine?

Even before a picture can be seen in the trailer, there is a fade-in at the bottom of the screen. According to this, the material shown is alpha in-game material, from Creation Engine 2. So it seems as if Bethesda Game Studios retired the old Creation Engine and developed a successor. Possibly a reaction to criticism of Fallout 76, which already looked very backward at release and had to struggle with various technical problems. We can only hope that the new version of the engine can convince with great graphics and stable performance. The first impressions of the trailer are at least very promising.

In the center of the trailer is a spaceship that can be identified as a Constellation Starship with the name “Frontier” through radio messages. The radio communication also shows that the spacecraft is about to take off and that it has been refueled with helium-3. The first actual in-game excerpt probably shows the cargo hold of the Frontier, where various types of equipment are stowed in all corners and walls.

Next, a spaceman, presumably the protagonist, can be seen climbing a ladder from the hold into the interior of the spaceship. The character wears a rather unsuspicious gray spacesuit with a jetpack backpack and a weapon attached to his back.

Digital tables and weapons

Now the picture switches to a room that is somewhat reminiscent of a kind of operations center. In the foreground is a brightly lit table that may be used for navigation. The beginnings of a map can be seen on the illuminated surface, possibly of the planet or moon

Starfield: The E3 teaser trailer in analysis (3)

Starfield: The E3 teaser trailer in analysis (3)

What: Bethesda

that we’re on right now. Information such as the status of the spaceship and navigation settings can be seen on the edge. It remains to be seen whether this is just a fancy decorative element or whether this table will play an important role in Starfield, for example when planning missions.

Next you can see a normal table with a bitten, but tasty looking sandwich on it. Next to it you can see a still shrink-wrapped baked potato. An interesting object on the table is also a flight manual with training protocols and advanced obital telemetry. The manual was apparently first created by a company called Nova Galactic, whose logo can be seen several times in the spaceship. It may be the manufacturer of the ship.
The protagonist puts his weapon on the table as he passes, which is apparently a futuristic variant of an SMG. The most interesting element is a digital display on the top. It can then be seen that there are still 24 of 100 rounds in the magazine and that the safety of the weapon is currently activated.

Hidden meanings and puzzles

It continues with a look at a shelf. On the left are two books: Sailing Alone Around the World by Captain Joshua Slocum, the first person to sail around the earth alone, and Omega, a French sci-fi novel in which the earth was hit by an asteroid

Starfield: The E3 teaser trailer in analysis (6)

Starfield: The E3 teaser trailer in analysis (6)

What: Bethesda

gets destroyed. Both possible references to the topics of the backstory of Starfield, where it revolves around the lonely search for a new future for humanity or the like. A third book in the background on the right is the Constellation Spacefarer’s Guide, which, unlike the previous two, is a fictional book. Constellation is apparently an organization, the last group of space explorers to which we belong. This is also clear from the box that can be seen in the foreground. This includes the so-called Chronomark Lifepack Interlink, a kind of smartwatch that players carry with them and provide the HUD interface. Similar to the PipBoy in Fallout.

Next we see a wall with some interesting details. On the left are some sayings and dates. For example, we learn that the security forces on Cydonia do not seem to understand humor. Next to it are some posters and patches as well as some very technical-looking drawings. According to Game Director Todd Howard, this is something mysterious that someone has to decipher. A challenge that the Internet will surely rush to take on with joy in the coming weeks.

Starfield: Release date + short teaser trailer for the new Xbox exclusive game

Off to the stars

Here are a few outside views that show the frontier as a whole. There is also a kind of station in the background. Here we see a close-up of a robot entering the Frontier hold. This is a mechanical companion called Vasco. However, it is not yet known exactly what purpose this fulfills.

The trailer ends with the protagonist, who takes a seat in the pilot’s seat and prepares the ship for take-off. The cockpit consists of several screens and a large number of switches and levers. If you believe Todd Howard’s statements, all of the controls will have a real use here and not just decoration. If so, we can probably assume that there will be space fights in Starfield. In the cockpit of the Frontier you can see displays for shields and weapons. In any case, this assumption is not as far-fetched as the assumption of some Elder Scrolls fans who have discovered the possible location of the upcoming The Elder Scrolls 6 in a surface impurity on the side of the cockpit.
Finally, the frontier’s engines ignite and the protagonist sets off for the stars. What can he find there? We don’t know yet. It will take some time before we take the wheel ourselves. Because the last pictures of the trailer are on an instrument panel that shows the release date on 11/11/22.

Starfield: The E3 teaser trailer in analysis (1) [Quelle: Bethesda]

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