Anima is one of the most important resources in WoW Shadowlands and has been causing slight displeasure among some players since the release. At the beginning of the expansion, our heroes permanently had too little, but since patch 9.1 they swim in anima. Now you might think that the latter would rather please players after being exposed to the anima drought for so long. However, the mass of anima that we get in Korthia from various activities causes other problems – even if we are talking about complaining at a high level.

What to do with all that anima?

On the one hand, there are players who complain that they have farmed Anima for hours and hours in order to buy transmogg or upgrade their sanctum and who find it unsatisfactory that all players are now being thrown tons of Anima afterwards while they are doing it invested so much time. However, one could have foreseen that beforehand. Because at the beginning of Shadowlands the developers never tired of explaining that anima farms were unnecessary and that we would get enough of the resource in the course of the expansion to fulfill all our wishes.

But most players have another problem: they don’t know what to do with all that anima. For many heroes, the anima reservoir is bursting at the seams and the anima items are piled up on the bench and in the pockets and occupy important pocket spaces. The amount of other items that you collect during your daily Korthia round doesn’t necessarily help either.

WoW Shadowlands: Anima farm in the shadow shop

Many players have their own sanctum already fully developed – or they lack the necessary souls.

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There are actually enough things that can be done with the anima. However, some of them are linked to other content. Upgrade the sanctum to the max? Unfortunately, this is only possible if you also collect enough souls in the gullet at the same time. Buy transmog armor? But for this you have to do the tasks of your pact every day via the animal leader, otherwise you will find it difficult to get the grateful gift you need at the same time. Without this additional resource, most transmogg items remain inaccessible.

Too much anima, too few other resources

So many players would like to spend their anima on the things mentioned above, but simply can’t. Even if they wanted to spend a lot of time farming the other resources, which most players probably don’t have the time to do, they couldn’t. Because these resources are limited and, in contrast to the anima, cannot be farmed indefinitely.

WoW: Shadowlands – Feature Trailer Introduces New Expansion

However, in the opinion of many players in the forums, this problem could easily be solved. Blizzard would simply have to increase the recoverable amount of the other resources or reduce their costs. The players would already have a meaningful use for their anima. In addition, some of the areas could also be expanded quickly and easily. For example, why are there no further expansion stages of the sanctum with patch 9.1? It doesn’t even have to get complicated here, as many suggestions from the community show. Why not a rank 4 on the travel network that grants you a port to Korthia or a second Hearthstone? Or another tier of animal leader, which unlocks new quests in Korthia. An archivist’s code over the mission table, thanks to a further step, is also often suggested. All of this would require little effort and would give the players an incentive to invest the Anima there – provided the developers solve the problem with the souls they need.

I just buy craft materials …

Blizzard has also apparently recognized that players need another source to get rid of all their anima. At least that should have been one of the reasons why we got a dealer in Oribos shortly after the patch via hotfix, where we can buy craft materials with Anima. Both rare ores, leather and fabrics are available there against Anima. And, probably most importantly for many players, Korthia crystals: 5 pieces for a whopping 25,000 anima. That’s nice, of course, but somehow not very satisfactory.

What would you wish for to spend your tons of anima?

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