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What the artifact power was in the previous World of Warcraft expansions Legion and Battle for Azeroth is embodied in Shadowlands by the new resource Anima. Anima serves as currency in many parts of the game. Below we have an overview and some tips for you.

In the Shadowlands every living soul carries a spark of life within itself – an energy that is Anima is called. This life essence is the lifeblood of the Shadowlands. It makes the trees grow and the rivers flow, it enables the creation of new things and much more. Great and important souls – like those of Arthas, Garrosh, or Varian – have more anima than others. For some time, however, the "machine of death" has been broken, and all deceased souls – including the innocent dead of Teldrassil – are led straight into the gullet. The Shadowlands thirst for Anima, while the Maw grows through the endless stream of fresh souls.

In addition to its narrative importance, anima acts as currency in the Shadowlands, Reservoir anima called.

What do you need anima for?

At first glance, Reservoir Anima does not seem to correlate directly with your power, because unlike in WoW Legion, the anima tokens are not used in an artifact weapon, but in other places that do not directly reinforce you. However, there are some items or currencies for character enhancement that you can obtain with the help of Reservoir Anima. These are currently:

  • Soul ash: A weekly quest on your mission table in the pact sanctum grants soul ashes as a reward upon successful completion.
  • Chronicle of Lost Memories: This catch-up object is for Grateful gift for sale, a currency that is granted by completing tasks with your animal leader in the pact sanctum. This in turn needs anima to activate the various target areas.

Furthermore, reservoir anima is used for various purposes:

  • Pact Sanctum Upgrades: One of the main uses of Reservoiranima is the upgrade of the four components of your pact sanctum (mission table, transport network, animal leader and the special sanctuary feature of your pact such as the monstrosity factory of the necrolords). Each upgrade costs more and more anima as well as additional Redeemed souls.
  • Animal leader: Reservoir anima is required to direct the streams of anima to a specific target area of ​​your pact.
  • Mission table: Your sanctum missions require reservoir anima to start.
  • Glory Items: For the purchase of cosmetic items of fame, pets, mounts, etc. of your pact you need, among other things, reservoir anima.
  • PvE gear upgrade: For the upgrade of PvE equipment, e.g. your Pact Sanctum item set, you need, among other things, reservoir anima.

Where do you get anima?

Anima tokens are earned upon completing various activities in the Shadowlands. There are 3 levels of Anima tokens:

  • Unusual quality anima tokens

    grant 5 anima (Resonance of the conflict is a special uncommon anima token granted when completing Anima World Quests with War Mode enabled).

  • Rare anima tokens

    grant 35 anima.

  • Epic quality anima tokens

    grant 250 anima.

The anima tokens are obtained from the Animareservoir of your pact sanctum stored.

You can get anima tokens in different numbers from different sources in the Shadowlands, e.g .:

If you play second characters or your playing time is limited, concentrate first on the highest number of items, e.g. 4×35 anima tokens for world quests.

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