Animaboni for death knights in the Alpha

from Sara Petzold
If you venture into the tower of the damned of Torghast with WoW Shadowlands, you cannot avoid the so-called Animaboni. You get these bonuses by collecting animation cells. We summarize for you what class-specific bonuses the Death Knights will receive in Shadowlands.

When the upcoming Shadowlands WoW expansion is released, the Tower of the Damned in Torghast will be one of the key endgame features. To survive here, players in Torghast can collect the so-called animation cells, which grant various general and class-specific bonuses. After we have introduced the bonuses for the shamans to you, we list the animaboni for death knights in this article (via Vanion). If you also want to find out more about the importance of Animaboni in Shadowlands, you can take a look at our separate overview article on Torghast.

But note: This is the current status of the Shadowlands-Alpha. The Animaboni can be in detail until the release of the next WoW (buy now for 33.95 €)-Expansion still change.

WoW Shadowlands: The Animaboni of the Death Knights

Death knights will be able to use the following animation bonuses in Shadowlands according to their current alpha status:

  • Ancient Drake Breath – Icy resistance makes a dragon appear, freezing all nearby enemies for eight seconds.
  • Animate armaments – Death Grip snatches your enemy's weapon and makes it fight by your side for six seconds.
  • Blood-tinged poker – Victim's Pact no longer has a cooldown and the cooldown of Awakening the Dead is reduced by 25 seconds.
  • Bone growing juice – While Gargoyle Summon, Augment Rune Weapon, or Dancing Rune Weapon is active, your size, strength, and stamina are increased by 50 percent.
  • Bone Harvest – Death Mantle harvests opponents with bone, causing them to suffer 60 percent of Death Mantle damage over a five-second period. Targets used during bone harvest are reanimated as skeleton servants or magus of the dead.
  • Boundless fortitude – If you interrupt a spell with frostbite, icy resistance is activated.
  • Chains of Anguish – Ice Chains connect the life points of the affected enemies with each other, whereby they share 50 percent of the damage taken.
  • Creeping decay – The radius of death and decay is increased by 3 meters.
  • Darkreaver's Lens – Antimagic field reflects harmful spells back to the caster.
  • Darkreaver's Ward – Antimagic field lasts five seconds longer and its radius is increased by one meter.
  • Death Turf – You and your servants will receive 10 percent more haste rating if you are in death and decay.
  • Entropic pool – Death and decay get an additional charge.
  • Exterminator – If you pull a pharyngeal rat through Death Grip, it explodes and resets the Death Grip cooldown.
  • Lich Robes – Lich Knight's cooldown is reduced by ten seconds when you use Ice Chains.
  • Monstrous Concoction – Death Mantle healing increases the attack speed and damage of you and your servants by 15 percent for one minute (double stake).
  • Necromantic Bile – Victim Pact deals 100 percent more damage.
  • Phearomones – There is a chance that enemies taking death and decay damage will crouch in place for three seconds.
  • Plague feeder – Mark Shredder, Obliterate, and Swarming Strike cause the target to take 150 percent faster damage from your diseases for five seconds.
  • Rune of Razorice – Attaches a rune to your weapon that deals additional weapon damage as frost damage and increases your opponents' vulnerability to frost damage by three percent (can be stapled up to five times).
  • Slick ice – Icy paths increase your movement speed by 30 percent.
  • Unbreakable cuffs – Ice chains last three seconds longer.
  • Unquenchable blade – Summon Gargoyle's cooldowns, boost rune weapon, and rune weapon dancing are reduced by 15 seconds.