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Animal Crossing: Expand New Horizons Inventory? We offer you tips on how to make room for many items, fruits and more in the Nintendo Switch hit. You start with 20 inventory slots in the game. You can double this number in the course of the island adventure. You can transport a maximum of 30 materials, 10 fruits or, for example, 10 fences bundled per item slot. First of all: You should collect Nook miles.

How do you expand your inventory in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? In this tip, we explain how you can make room for items, fish, insects, fruits and more. At the beginning of the Nintendo Switch hit, you have 20 inventory slots available. Regardless of whether you catch insects with a landing net or fish with a fishing rod, you need space in your pockets so that you don't have to walk to Nook's shop repeatedly. The items in the individual slots are bundled. For example, you carry 30 pieces of each material per slot. You also transport 10 fruits, 20 fences or 99 weeds per place.

The first expansion for the inventory is available to you at the start of the game. Go to the NookPortal in the service center. There you will receive the "Use Bags Correctly" expansion for 5,000 Nook miles. This offers you an additional 10 inventory spaces, which you can then fill with items, tools and more. As soon as you have helped Tom Nook to expand the service center to the town hall, you have another extension in the Nook portal. This is called "pocket tricks for professionals" and costs 8,000 nook miles. Again, the inventory is increased by 10 places.

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