Buy all Anniversary Super Mario items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? We offer you tips on all items in the March update this spring in the Nintendo Switch Adventure. The snow in the game has melted and in the Spring update for New Horizons, items in Super Mario style are waiting for you from March 1st. For example, you make blocks, question mark blocks, target flags and tubes. The tubes in particular are very useful because they allow you to travel quickly from one place to another on your island.

We provide you with an overview of the prices of Mario items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (buy now € 48.99 ) from March 1st. You buy items via the Nook shopping portal, clothes and outfits can be found in the tailor's shop. In the following tables you will find all prices for carpets, items and the outfits for the Mario anniversary. If you have already downloaded the update, you already call the mushroom wallpaper your own. For more tips and tricks on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, follow the overview. Information about the holidays in March in the Nintendo Switch game will follow soon.

Super Mario Items – All prices at Nook Shooping

Overview of all Mario items and prices from March 1st via the shopping portal. We recommend the tube to quickly warp your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Super Mario Items Prices
1Up mushroom 2,000 sternis
block 1,000 sternis
Money 350 sternis
Fire flower 1,500 sternis
Floating block 1,000 sternis
Checkered flag 3,500 sternis
Big platform mushroom 3,000 sternis
tube 5,000 sternis
Turtle shell 700 sternis
Small platform mushroom 1,000 sternis
Red mushroom 1,350 sternis
star 2,000 sternis
Stone block opponent 3,000 sternis
Question mark block 1,350 sternis
Mushroom painting 3,000 sternis
Block bottom 3,000 sternis
Lakitus Cloud Carpet 1,500 sternis
Yoshi's Egg Carpet 1,500 sternis

Super Mario Outfits – All prices in the tailor shop

If you have already established the divorce on your island, you can get the following Super Mario outfits for your character.

Clothing & outfits price
Super mario hat 1,500 sternis
Peach's crown 12,000 sternis
Wario hat 1,500 sternis
Luigi's hat 1,500 sternis
Mario beard 1,200 sternis
Wario Bart 1,200 sternis
Luigi Beard 1,200 sternis
Mario outfit 2,400 sternis
Peach dress 6,000 sternis
Wario outfit 2,400 sternis
Luigi outfit 2,400 sternis
Mario shoes 1,400 sternis
Peach shoes 2,400 sternis
Wario shoes 1,400 sternis
Luigi shoes 1,400 sternis

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