Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Real or Fake for works of art – List of features – Up to date in the game

Reiners Schatzkutter offers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch paintings and statues. But be careful: you can also get fakes and fakes! We offer you tips in a list of all pictures or sculptures, in which we explain the differences between the original and the fake. With this list, you always buy original works of art instead of cheap fakes, which Eugen will not accept in the museum. But before Reiner's treasure cutter lands on your island, you do a few things.

So you first deliver 60 donations to Eugen in the museum, so that in the following conversation he opens up to you to accept paintings and statues and to exhibit them in a new area of ​​his museum. The following day Reiner appears on your island and would like to sell you a much too expensive painting. Leans here and he goes down with the price. Now you buy the picture for 4,980 Sternis and donate it to Eugens Museum. The next day, the new area for pictures and sculptures in the museum opens.

Once Eugens Museum in Animal Crossing New Horizons (buy now for € 47.99) also accepting paintings and statues, Reiner's treasure cutter appears in the north of your island. Use the map to see the jetty. Reiner sells 4 works of art per visit. There are almost always three counterfeits and one original. You can have a look at the artwork before buying to identify features of a fake. In the following list we tell you the differences between the original and the fake for paintings and statues. If you buy a work of art, you will receive it in your mailbox the next day. You buy a maximum of one piece of art per day.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – fake features of the statues

The following features reveal counterfeits and fakes in the statues and sculptures of Reiners Schatzkutter.

statueCharacteristics of counterfeiting
Athlete statueWrist watch.
Stubborn sculptureSmile in the face.
Elegance statueA necklace around the neck.
Sublime statueLeft foot is in front.
Gallant statueBook in my arms.
Secret bustEarring in the right ear.
Notice sculptureThe fake is blue.
Warrior statueBase with shield.
Magnificent sculptureLid on the chest.
Ancient statueTwo antennas on the left and right as jewelry.
Statue of a wolfTongue hangs from its mouth.

The following statues are always originals: Statue of trust, statue of dignity

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Fake features of the paintings

The following features reveal fakes and fakes among the pictures and paintings by Reiners Schatzkutter.

paintingCharacteristics of counterfeiting
Antiquity paintingWater jet from the jug too wide.
Graceful paintingFigure is too big and the picture almost falls out.
Famous paintingEyebrows too high.
Detailed paintingsLettering on the left is missing. Grapes are purple.
Simple paintingPerson with long hair.
Fine paintingErmine gray instead of beige.
Huge paintingBlack-clad man in the middle without a hat.
Solemn paintingMan in the door frame in the background shows thumbs up.
Fear paintingEyebrows point from the bottom outside to the top inside.
Vegetable paintingFlower on the right of the collar is missing.
Pearl paintingWoman wears star as earring instead of pearl.
Fine paintingTrees in the background to the right are missing.
Impetuous painting (left)Figure is green in color. Lettering is in the picture.
Impetuous painting (right)Figure has light skin tone. Lettering is in the picture.
Winter paintingOnly one person and fewer animals in the front left.
Science paintingCoffee stain on the top right.

The following paintings are always originals: Known painting, flower painting, sparkling painting, pretty painting, force painting, light painting, perfect painting, puzzle painting, calm painting, strict painting, sinking painting, true painting, warm painting, wave painting

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