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In Animal Crossing: New Horizons find summer shells & craft new things – this is how you craft summer objects between June and August. Summer is also coming to the Nintendo Switch adventure. Since June 1, players (by the way only in the northern hemisphere) have found summer shells on the beach. All kinds of summer objects can be made with it. We will tell you where the shells are found and provide you with the handicraft instructions.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is enjoying summer – at least in the northern hemisphere. From June 1st to August 31st you will find summer shells on the beach. All sorts of great things can be made from it. We tell you which ingredients you need for the individual handicraft instructions and where you can find the summer shells. In addition to the summer shells, you also need other marine resources to manufacture the items. We also recommend our Animal Crossing: New Horizons tips section. This is packed with tips and guides for Nintendo Switch adventures.

Find summer shells

You stroll along the beach during the specified period. If you see a blue shell, you bag it. You should collect all resources from the beach to make room for new shells and items. Strolls the beach in the mornings, lunches and evenings to minimize the daily yield of summer shells. In the following table below these lines we provide you with an overview of all handicraft instructions with summer shells. So you can see which raw materials you need for shell door wreath, tropical wallpaper or glitter sand floor and more.

Crafting instructions for summer mussel recipes

The recipes and crafting instructions for the summer shell items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (buy now for € 49.96) you get either from residents, in a message in a bottle on the beach or through balloons. There shouldn't be any in the three summer months Problem to craft seasonal craft projects.

Summer mussel recipe ingredients
Shell wreath 1x summer shell, 1x round snail, 1x sand dollar, 1x coral, 1x giant shell, 1x cowrie shell
Tropical wallpaper (Tropical vista) 5x summer shell
Underwater wall 3x summer shell, 5x coral
Underwater flooring 3x summer shell, 3x coral
Glitter sand floor (Starry-sands flooring) 3x summer shell, 1x sandy bottom
Water surface (water flooring) 6x summer shell
Shell pochette (Shellfish pochette) 2x giant clam, 6x summer clam
Shell stick (Shell wand) 3x summer shell, 3x star splinters

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