It is no longer a secret that the life simulation Animal Crossing: New Horizons not only captivates many hours in front of the screen, but also stimulates the creativity of many fans at the same time. Thanks to the numerous design options, you have a lot of leeway for your own works. Last but not least, this is also shown by the latest creation the Reddit user "rariya"that she introduced with the help of a short video.

She made it her business to create her own Jurassic Park in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (buy now € 48.99 ) from the film of the same name. The result is really impressive and is currently enrapturing numerous users in the Reddit forum who can no longer get out of the rave about it. Above all, they praise the enormous attention to detail that "rariya" has shown in their replica. As in the film, she first walks through the large gate to enter the park. She even placed the original logo on the floor, which is sure to make Jurassic Park fans feel good. Here is a short video that will take you on a small tour of discovery through the park:

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As you can see from the scenes, the actually very loving creation has a small blemish, but the builder cannot help it: In Animal Crossing: New Horizons there are – at least currently – no living dinosaurs that she would have placed in the enclosure can. So she had no choice but to resort to the only available alternative – fossils or skeletons from the dinosaurs. How do you like the park? Let us know in the comments!


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