Animal Crossing player wants to become a billionaire by collecting turnips

How many beets do you need to become a billionaire? LOTS. At least in Animal Crossing from 2001 for the GameCube, in which there is a very specific, rarely expensive item: the post office model for 999,999,999 Sternis. And a Speedrunner has now collected them almost entirely by hand in a painfully long time.

Animal Crossing player and Speedrunner BrainMp16 almost did it. And when he does, he belongs to them 1 percent of all playerswho are the Post model in Animal Crossing for the GameCube. This completely overpriced item is of course a gimmick; however, one that players grinned cheekily at for years because it was almost impossible to buy the model for this price.

Like BrianMp16 in one Reddit post the post model is a kind of "Holy Grail of Animal Crossing Games“Because it's easy immense amount of time and Trouble costs 1 billion sternis collect for purchase. Unlike him, other players have sometimes used a glitch to become a star billionaire – but BrianMp16?

He has not let his wealth in grueling detail to accumulate: by buying turnips for hours and then selling them again for hours: Nearly 180 hours So far, he has been buying and selling turnips, but now he is 982.204.808 Sternis has hammered. See his last "1 billion sternis for the postal model!Stream on Twitch:

1,000,000,000 Bells for Post Model without Glitches continues! (1 stream away from the grand finale!) Watch! Billion! Mail! Discord by BrianMp16 at

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In the next stream it should be ready: BrianMp16 will probably only be 3-4 hours need until he can spend the billion sternis on a model of the post office. But he deserved that, too, I guess.