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Blue Byte presents the improvements of the Anno 1404 History Collection. For the new edition, the developers promise support for 64bit systems, 4K resolutions and a customizable size of the user interface. In addition, the expanded multiplayer mode of Anno 1404 runs via UPlay. Among other things, players can look forward to a quick match function for finding players. You can read about the technology upgrades for the History Edition in the article. The game collection will be released on June 25th.

Ubisoft presents details about the Anno 1404 History Collection. In a recent blog entry, the developers deal with the technical improvements of the new edition. Blue Byte had previously published information on the history editions of Anno 1602, Anno 1701 and Anno 1503. Like the other new editions, Anno 1404 was optimized for 64bit systems in order to be able to address more RAM – and to improve performance. The new edition also supports 4K resolutions; the size of the user interface can be adjusted. The expanded multiplayer mode now runs via UPlay. In addition to the well-known options from the classic, you can expect a quick match function to search for players and desync recovery from Anno 1800.

"Since Anno 1404 still looks very good and plays even better, we focused our attention here on the multiplayer functionality via Uplay and the crashes in the late course of the game," said Blue Byte in the blog entry. The developers explain that the crashes that can occur in Anno 1404's endgame are not bugs. Rather, they are a "result of the inherent limitation that 32-bit software cannot address more than 4GB RAM". So if your empire reaches a certain size, a crash can occur. "With the new 64bit version in the History Edition, the problem with the addressable working memory is finally banished to the past and you should be able to build undisturbed," comments Blue Byte. (buy now)

Additional technology upgrades include multi-screen support and a frameless window mode as an additional option (in addition to classic full-screen and window mode). In addition, there is the feature known from Anno 1800 for the multiple placement of residential houses. There is also support for old savegames: you can import existing savegames from the classic into the new edition. You can also create new scenarios – and play player-created scenarios from the past. The old "Tour to the World" will not exist, however. "But of course there is a wide range of platforms and tools to share content with other players today," explains Blue Byte. The Anno History Collection will be released on June 25 for just under 40 euros. For 14.99 euros, the Anno 1404 History Edition should also be purchased individually.

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