Blue Byte gives that Anno 1800 Update 9.2 as download free. The patch is now available on the individual platforms – the download size is around 4 gigabytes. The patch notes are now also available – and with them all changes and innovations. The focus is on fixes for bugs that players have reported since the release of the Land of the Lions DLC. For example, several desync causes that could occur when loading a game were fixed. If you end a world exhibition in multiplayer mode, the rewards should no longer be invisible after the update download.

The patch notes also show that the exhibition music should no longer be played incorrectly if there is no world exhibition in Anno 1800 was active. Blue Byte also announced: "The game's handling of damaged files has been improved, which could previously cause a crash when starting the game." An exploit in which the satisfaction could be increased drastically by pollution reduction items and the deletion of pollution sources was also fixed with the Anno 1800 Patch 9.2.

Especially with the quests, Blue Byte creates a problem from the game world, whereby the selection of certain answers during the quest "Fascinating North – Questioned" should no longer potentially block the further progress of the story. Additionally, an issue has been fixed that prevented the quest giver ships from leaving the region during the "Implications" quest. In terms of items, the "Taiga Forest" set should now work as intended for the seafood stew. The complete patch notes for the new Anno 1800 Update 9.2 can be found on the Website for the building game. Most recently, the developers confirmed the Season Pass 3 for 2021. Anno 1800 will therefore receive three additional extensions in the next year.

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Anno 1800: Trailer for Season Pass 3 – new expansions appear in 2021

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Anno 1800: Update 9.2 is on the way – date for the new patch

Blue Byte announces the Anno 1800 Update 9.2. The next patch will be available for download next Tuesday. Anno 1800: Season 3 confirmed with new add-ons - so it goes on in 2021 "src ="

Anno 1800: Season 3 confirmed with new add-ons – so it will continue in 2021

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Anno 1800: City Lights DLC and Update 9.1 Today – Time to Unlock

Anno 1800 players get new content: Today the Cosmetic DLC "City Lights" and the free update 9.1 are available.

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