Anno 1800: Date for Update 6.2 & Patch Notes with all changes

of David Martin
Blue Byte announces Anno 1800 Update 6.2. A specific date is already available: The patch will be available for download on January 23. The developers have already communicated the patch notes. The innovations include, for example, an improvement in the visualization of the diagrams in the statistics menu. In addition, there are several bug fixes in Anno 1800 Update 6.2. You can find out which bug fixes the patch applies in the article.

Anno 1800 players will soon have access to Update 6.2. As Blue Byte says in a recent blog entry, the new patch will be available for download from January 23. The developers have not given a specific release time. It is possible that Blue Byte is based on the start times of previous updates – and releases the patch on Thursday between 2 and 3 p.m. The patch notes are already available – and with it all changes and innovations. For example, the visualization of the diagrams in the statistics menu should be improved. It also improves the chances of getting the "Relics of the Lost Expedition" item.

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There are also many new bug fixes in Anno 1800 Update 6.2. The patch fixes a bug that could destroy enemy defense systems for a short period of time. Furthermore, after the download, it should no longer occur that some islands were not displayed on some Arctic treasure maps. The update also fixes a bug that prevented players who don't own the Sunk Treasures DLC from converting junk in the Arctic. Bugfixes for various causes of crashes are also included in Update 6.2 for Anno 1800. (buy now for € 49.09)

The Anno 1800 Patch 6.2 is rounded off by bug fixes for the user interface and quests. In the patch notes, Blue Byte states: "An error has been fixed in which the gas provided by the Old Nate did not appear when the space behind the trading post was blocked with a building." All other changes can be found in the on the Anno website published patch notes.

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