With the “Pedestrian Zone Package” and “Lively Cities Package”, Ubisoft Mainz is working on two more cosmetic DLCs for Anno 1800. In a current one Blog entry the developers are now granting a first look at the pedestrian zone bundle, which is to have additional overpasses and underpasses, statues and fountains ready for the construction game. “The picture is a couple of first drafts (we call them ‘scribbles’) for possible ornaments. The final versions will probably not look exactly the same and, as you can see from the example of the underpass, our concept artists always create several versions for each idea, before we decide which one should be implemented as a 3D model for the game, “write the developers.

We have included the image below. The Lively Cities Pack, which is also being developed, will include additional skins for the buildings in Anno 1800 (buy now 36,00 € /53,99 € ) in the game. At the beginning of the year, players had the opportunity to vote for their favorite DLCs in a poll – there were five subject areas to choose from. Busy cities and the pedestrian package ultimately won.

At what point in time the cosmetic enhancements will actually appear has not yet been determined. However, the release is only planned after the publication of Rooftops of the City, the third major DLC from Season Pass 3. The add-on is currently in prospect for late summer. Ubisoft Mainz is currently looking for testers who can use the Try the roofs of the city DLC for Anno 1800 before the release.

Anno 1800: First look at the next Cosmetic DLC - the picture shows the design of the ornaments

Anno 1800: First look at the next Cosmetic DLC – the picture shows the design of the ornaments

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