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Anno 1800 is set to release new content: On March 24th, both the DLC "Palaces of Power" and the free update 7 will be released. To prepare for the release, Blue Byte heralds another Twitch Drop. From March 20, you will receive free items for the building game when watching participating streamers. If you watch for an hour, you will secure the "Palaces of Power flag" for free. With an operating time of three hours you will get the "Palaces of Power Billboard" for Anno 1800. The list of participating streamers is already available. The upcoming DLC ​​will be played. We summarize the details in the article.

Blue Byte prepares the Release of update 7 and the Palaces of Power DLCs for Anno 1800. The new content will be available for download from March 24th. To get in the mood, the developers are organizing another Twitch drop event, in which you will once again receive special items for the development game. The event runs from March 20-29. To receive the in-game items, all you have to do is switch on a participating streamer on Twitch during the mentioned period.

"During the event, you can watch a group of selected streamers build their first palace not only to further beautify their capital, but above all to benefit from the different bonuses for culture, production and more," writes Blue Byte. The list of streamers is already available and can be over view the Anno website. For watching, you will receive two new ornaments for Anno 1800 (buy now for 49.89 €). For an operating time of one hour you bag the "Palaces of Power Flag". For three hours there is the "Palaces of Power Billboard" for the building game.

Note that the hours do not have to be watched in one piece, but can be accumulated over several days or several streamers. In order to participate in the event and receive the items, you must link your Uplay account with your Twitch account. Ubisoft has details on a website compiled. Blue Byte had just recently introduced the Palaces of Power DLC. A total of three DLCs will be released as part of a second season pass during the year. Which 2020 expansions for Anno 1800 queue, you can find out in a separate article at this link.

Anno 1800: Trailer for Season Pass 2 – these are the new DLCs

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Anno 1800: Updates and content 2020 – developers reveal plans for the future

What content will Blue Byte publish for Anno 1800 in 2020? There is an answer today: as part of a live stream at 5 p.m.

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