Blue Byte is preparing the fourth DLC for Anno 1800: Palaces of Power will appear on March 24th. In a recent blog entry, the developers presented further details on the first expansion from Season Pass 2. "The palace is one of the classic Anno elements that has been around since the birth of the venerable series with Anno 1602 in 1998," write the developers. The optics are particularly impressive. "It fits seamlessly between the botanical garden, museum and zoo as the newest modular building, with full flexibility about how you can use the six different modules (straight pieces, gates, corners, connections, crossings and end pieces, as well as visual variants the straight parts), "comments Blue Byte.

You start with the main building, which you unlock in Anno 1800 when the first investor names your empire as home. You can initially construct a certain number of modules based on your profile level. You unlock additional modules, for example, by attracting additional residents. There is no fixed limit on the number of modules. A community member built more than 130 modules during the tests. However, you can only build a palace in your empire – and only in the Old World. "Once you've built your palace, you'll get direct access to one or more ministries (based on the city's appeal), with additional ministries unlocked if your island becomes more attractive," said Blue Byte of the new Anno 1800 DLC With. (buy now for € 49.99)

Logistics plays an important role

Each unlocked ministry immediately gives you a permanently available passive buff, including +200 tons of island storage space per port authority. Each unlocked ministry also gives you a number of guidelines to choose from, only one of which can be active at any one time. "These give you additional flexibility and control over the fact that you can have the right policies for every situation on your island," added the developers. Remember that logistics also play an important role. All effects of the palace only work within a certain radius around the building, and only along the street network. The radius of these effects increases with each additional palace module.

Finally, Blue Byte explains details of the regional ministries. These are basically outposts of the palace, one of which you can build on any island in the Old World and Cape Trelawney to use a single policy locally. "Apart from that, the regional ministries follow the same rules as the palace itself – they give a passive buff (based on the ministry whose active effect you have selected) and buildings must be connected both in their radius and with the street to benefit from it" , reports Blue Byte.

Palaces of Power will be available individually for $ 9.99 from March 24 for Anno 1800. In addition, the DLC is in Season Pass 2. For March 24, Blue Byte is also preparing Game Update 7, which will be released free of charge for all players. The developers want to submit the patch notes shortly.

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