The publication of the Land of the Lions DLC for Anno 1800 Coming closer: The activation will take place on October 22nd – together with the new Update 9. A lot of new content awaits players. According to Blue Byte, it is the largest extension available for Anno 1800 has been implemented so far. In one current blog entry the developers go into further content. This time, the focus is on scholars and research. If you have expanded a few shepherd houses in the DLC and welcomed the first elders, you will unlock another feature.

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"With the influx of students from Enbesa and the rest of the world to the Old World, first the building of the research institute (300 elders) and then accommodation for the new population category, the scholars, will be unlocked," says Blue Byte. The research institute is a three-tier monument that can be built once per player. Here the scholars analyze both artefacts and plants – and finally present their new discoveries. It is true that the construction of the institute requires a lot of building material. However, Blue Byte promises to be rewarded with a beautiful sight – together with the new research feature.

The radio station in Anno 1800.

The radio station in Anno 1800.

Source: Ubisoft

The scholars represent a new level of the population and therefore also need their own accommodation. The scholarly houses are 4×4 fields in size and require access to a university – up to 120 scientists live in the apartments. Further houses can only be built with a building permit. The scholars demand clothing from the old world – so start producing chains for bespoke suits and leather boots. They also like to drink rum, eat canned meat and seafood stew. Phonographs and telephones are also on their wish lists. The same applies to the radio tower, a completely new public building.

As soon as the scholars get started in Anno 1800, Land of the Lions, you can generate research points. Make sure to attract as many scholars as possible, as more advanced projects require a large number of research points – too much for smaller groups. To speed up research, you can also assign engineers. (buy now € 39.95 /€ 53.99 )

Develop items

"A repeated feedback since the release of Anno 1800 was the desire for more direct ways to get items for specific purposes. Crafting items with Old Nate in Cape Trelawney and the Arctic offered an alternative to buying or selling of quests. The item overview in turn offered details on how you can get certain items and how you can get the last animal for your zoo, "writes Blue Byte. With update 9, the number of items offered by NPCs will be increased from eight to twelve.

At the institute you research new discoveries.

At the institute you research new discoveries.

Source: Ubisoft

The developers continue: "Owners of the land of the lions have to live with a small restriction here in order to balance the option of item donations in the research institute: Per dealer only up to 20 items can be purchased in a period of 30 minutes." With an established research institute, you can develop almost every item in the game. You can choose between cultural studies (animals, cultural objects, plants), technological progress (all possible machines) and talent development (specialists).

With the groundbreaking discoveries in the research institute, you will have the opportunity to further specialize your economy in Anno 1800. "For example, the right research now allows you to move oil wells and clay deposits, to adjust the fertility of an island in order to grow peppers instead of hops, or to change the type of ore in a mine," the developers explain. You can also use the research case to research those items that you already have. In the institute, on the other hand, you can develop the items immediately. By the way, permits for the Great Eastern allow you to build more copies of the ship.

You will also get building permits for the expansion of the jetty, for example to reduce loading times and to specialize them. You can now assign certain goods to the positions. You can also unlock advanced coffee roasters, rum distilleries and cotton weaving mills in the land of the lions, which can help you with bottlenecks or production difficulties. The expansion also includes new animals, including lions and giant snails for the zoo.

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